“Echoes of Europe” (EoE) is here!

EoE Arrives
“Echoes of Europe” (ARC2680) available worldwide, January 2, 2017!

Sight & Sound

The delivery from Disc Makers arrived yesterday. Wow. The EoE compact disc sounds great. I was actually very surprised that the EoE compact disc sounded better than the lossless digital WAV files we’ve been listening to.

And, the artwork of the product package is simply stunning. The way in which our art director Steven McDonald ultimately utilizes the brilliant photographs of Duane Hallock fits the music and story of the album.

We have hired Two For The Show Media as our publicist who will be sending out copies to press. So, look for some reviews, interviews, etc to start appearing in various publications near the EoE official release date of January 2, 2017.

And BurnettMusic.COM will be sending copies to select radio stations in coming weeks as well. Media professionals and Radio programmers are welcome to request copies.

"Echoes of Europe" (ARC2680) available worldwide, January 2, 2017!
“Echoes of Europe” (ARC2680) available worldwide, January 2, 2017!

First Impressions

The most compelling aspect of EoE for me personally is that the music is so powerful. And, even amid so many powerful artistic voices the music itself remains the focus throughout listening. Additionally, everyone plays brilliantly and organically – EoE sounds like a concert happening in your living room.

My personal heartfelt thanks to Terri, Dino, Maria, Freda, Marcus, Stanton, Clarence, Charles, Andrew, Craig, Steven, Duane, David, and Chris D.

We’ve got the EoE project website up and running.

You can meet eveyone and find out more by exploring www.DinoMassaKC.com.

Peace. On to the next phase …

~ Christopher Burnett, project lead (Kansas City USA)