October 2016 Release in Japan: “Echoes of Europe” (ARC-2680)


Distribution in Japan

“Echoes of Europe” (ARC-2680) has now been released in Japan at DiskUnion Stores. This is ahead of the January 2, 2017 USA and worldwide release date at Amazon, where pre-order sales are available.

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Comments and Quotes

Echoes of Europe (ARC-2680) now in Japan
  • “I really like your album and I think the title ‘Echoes of Europe’ is very appropriate in describing the aesthetics of the music.” (Bobby Watson, jazz great)
  • “Historically, the stationing of American troops abroad has had a significant and seldom-noted ancillary effect beyond military cooperation …” (David R. Adler, New York)
  • “His (Massa) music is energetic, expressively melodic, intricate but not overly dense.” (David R. Adler, New York)
  • “His (Massa) pianism is elegant and forceful, always serving the song.” (David R. Adler, New York)
  • “And his (Massa) arrangements give generous room to all the players involved.” (David R. Adler, New York)
  • “Massa is known for performances of both classical music and jazz. Burnett is … a musician whose compositions flow with modern sophistication.” (The Pitch, Kansas City)
  • “(Burnett) … whose warm and round alto tone is a boon to the entire session.” (David R. Adler, New York)



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