Massa to return to Kansas City in 2019

Italian jazz piano maestro Dino Massa will return to Kansas City in the Spring of 2019 to perform and record with Dino Massa Kansas City Quintet.

This is the USA-based modern jazz ensemble Massa co-leads with the Kansas City-based alto saxophonist, Christopher Burnett.

Both composers are currently writing and arranging new work for their quintet comprised of:

  • Dino Massa – piano, compositions, co-leader
  • Christopher Burnett – alto saxophone, compositions, co-leader
  • Charles Gatschet – guitar
  • Andrew Stinson – acoustic and electric basses
  • Clarence Smith – drum set and percussion

With arrangements augmented to include guest artists:

  • Terri Anderson Burnett – flute, piccolo
  • Freda Proctor – flute, piccolo
  • Samantha Hendren – clarinet
  • Stanton Kessler – trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Marcus Hampton – trumpet flugelhorn
  • Bill McKemy – tuba

Echoes of Europe

The 2017 debut recording project, “Echoes of Europe” (ARC-2680) has been met with critical acclaim internationally as a unique album of top-shelf quality original music.

Artists Updates

The EoE collaboration has brought much deserved wider recognition to the careers of both, Dino and Christopher as established master musicians and composers.

Dino has been touring all over Europe and recording with his various European based ensembles.

Christopher has been performing regularly each month at one of the top jazz venues in Kansas City and is now a member of the official Kansas Touring Artist Roster.

Neon Jazz Interviews

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