"Echoes of Europe" (ARC2680) available worldwide, January 2, 2017!
“Echoes of Europe” (ARC2680) available worldwide, January 2, 2017!

What is a One Sheet?

With so many changes happening in the music industry (from physical to digital), you do not need to be backed by a billion dollar label to make it happen for yourself.

Yet many of the same principles are there and it is important for you to know how to do it yourself, both efficiently and accurately.

Promotion is what you are striving for. In order to have a loyal fan base that will come see you play shows, watch your videos, and buy your material, they first need a way to find out about you.

There are people who can help you, by just spreading the word, and they won’t ask for much in return!

Those that do it best today are college radio DJ’s, indie radio station DJ’s, editors, podcasters, and the true taste makers of our day, Bloggers!

There is one item that these people need from you, it was the same 50 years ago in the old model and through all the changes, is still the same today.

This post presents our “Echoes of Europe” ONE SHEET.

A one sheet is just what its named, no need for confusion.

A brief, organized, strategic layout of information that anyone could ever need to know about you to think they’d love your music without even hearing it.

It states album tracks, a promo picture, very short bio, album tracks with singles highlighted, recent specific stats on social media sites, sales, recent or upcoming touring dates, website links, and past review highlights.

Whenever you send out a press kit a one sheet should be included. Most labels and radio stations still prefer to receive them over anything else.

Today when sending information over the web, the use of an EPK has the same essential use. The One Sheet’s digital equivalent, the Electronic Press Kit (EPK).

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REQUEST A COPY OF "ECHOES OF EUROPE" FOR YOUR JAZZ RADIO PROGRAM TO: Artists Recording Collective, LLC, Attn: Dino Massa Kansas City Quintet,
REQUEST A COPY OF “ECHOES OF EUROPE” FOR YOUR JAZZ RADIO PROGRAM. CONTACT: Artists Recording Collective, LLC, Attn: Dino Massa Kansas City Quintet, eMail –