A big part of producing a recording is the team of creative geniuses who contribute their talents to the project.

All of the amazing professional photographs on this website and used within the graphic design layout for the compact disc product are the work of Kansas City based photographer, Duane Hallock.

As you see, his work is brilliant and evocative. When we saw his photographs, we knew they’d be a perfect match for the musical aesthetic of the Dino Massa Kansas City Quintet debut recording, “Echoes of Europe” (ARC-2680).

We are honored that he was willing to let us use his work in this context.

We are further honored by Duane’s esteem in the remarks he posted upon receiving his personal copy of the disc.

See below …

~ The EoE Team




Duane writes …

“My morning commute was smooth and mellow as I listened to the jazz of my friend Christopher Burnett. He is an alto saxophonist who collaborated with Dino Massa, from Naples, Italy to produce “Echoes of Europe.”

They met years ago when Christopher played in the official band of the Commander in Chief of the Allied Forces of Southern Europe. On his first night in Naples, Christopher found himself in a local jazz club gigging with, Massa. Now, years later, they have teamed up to produce this incredible album.

My small claim to fame is that Christopher was the very first person to buy photos off my new website. He used them in the design of the CD label, album cover, liner notes and promotional materials.”

~ feeling inspired.


My adventure with photography began in the fourth grade when I bought my first camera. Through the years, my hobby has allowed me to photograph presidents campaigning, volcanoes erupting and children being born.

In college I took photography classes, but was disappointed when we spent too much time talking about f-stops, film speeds and apertures. Important as those are, the mechanics of a camera will always be a means to an end. I wanted to learn more. I wanted to understand photography as a form of artistic expression.

Somewhere along the way, I lost my focus. Over the years my interest in photography waned, and I only shot the obligatory events like birthdays, graduations and family reunions.

Then, a life-changing event helped to transformed my relationship with photography. Several years ago, melanoma claimed the sight in my left eye. After undergoing very specialized treatments, I am now cancer-free. Yet the disease took its toll.

I hated being half-blind and it took time to adjust to my new reality. Slowly, however, something magical happened.

As my eyesight declined, my vision increased.

With the vision remaining in my one eye, I gradually began seeing things I’d never noticed before. I became more aware of the beautiful world around me. I began to realize that within the ordinary I could always find something extraordinary. Photography became a way for me to increase my awareness of the abundant beauty that had always surrounded me.

Now, as I share my pictures here online, my hope is that together we will see old things in new ways, that we will become more aware of the incredible beauty that is often hidden in plain sight, and that we will see the extraordinary embedded within the ordinary circumstances of everyday life.