October 2016 Release in Japan: “Echoes of Europe” (ARC-2680)

Distribution in Japan “Echoes of Europe” (ARC-2680) has now been released in Japan at DiskUnion Stores. This is ahead of the January 2, 2017 USA and worldwide release date at Amazon, where pre-order sales are available. Purchase at DiskUnion Purchase at DiskUnion online – HERE! Comments and Quotes “I really like your album and I think […]

Neon Jazz Interview: Dino Massa

About Neon Jazz Published on Sep 16, 2016 Welcome to a new edition of the Neon Jazz interview series with Italian Jazz Pianist and composer Dino Massa from Naples, Italy .. He took some time from him home in Italy to speak with Neon Jazz in Kansas City to discuss a collaborative album a new […]

VIDEO: Echoes of Europe

WATCH & LISTEN DETAILSECHOES OF EUROPE: This video features the title track from the album “Echoes of Europe” by the Dino Massa Kansas City Quintet. Echoes of Europe is an international musical collaboration between artists from Italy (Napoli) and the USA (Kansas City). Visit www.DinoMassaKC.com for project details and production credits. Purchase now at Amazon. […]

“Echoes of Europe” (EoE) is here!

Sight & Sound The delivery from Disc Makers arrived yesterday. Wow. The EoE compact disc sounds great. I was actually very surprised that the EoE compact disc sounded better than the lossless digital WAV files we’ve been listening to. And, the artwork of the product package is simply stunning. The way in which our art […]

Recording Project Business Plan

A FREE DOWNLOAD OFFER COURTESY OF THE ARC RECORDING LABEL We hope that other recording artists and some of our music students can utilize our business process toward realizing their own recording project activities and related artistic creations. There are lots of moving parts and vital business considerations involved with releasing a professional commercial recording, […]


What is a One Sheet? With so many changes happening in the music industry (from physical to digital), you do not need to be backed by a billion dollar label to make it happen for yourself. Yet many of the same principles are there and it is important for you to know how to do […]

“Echoes of Europe” Disc Shipments

We are pleased to announce that on Monday, June 13, 2016, the “Echoes of Europe” replicated compact discs are finished and have been shipped from Disc Makers in New Jersey … What’s the difference between replication vs. duplication? Replicated discs (often referred to as pressed discs) are created in a manufacturing process that starts with […]