“It’s an exceptionally graceful album that imbues mainstream jazz with the elegant sheen of classical chamber music.” ~ Bill Brownlee (The Kansas City Star, Ink Magazine), KCUR
– – –
“…rich water colors of sound. Like listening to Monet.” ~ George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly
– – –
“This is top quality jazz …highly recommended for both traditional and modern jazz fans.” ~ Jon Neudorf, Sea of Tranquility
– – –
“…Easy going jazz that isn’t easy listening, straight ahead ears will dig the proceedings. Well done throughout.” ~ Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“Historically, the stationing of American troops abroad has had a significant and seldom-noted ancillary effect beyond military cooperation …” (David R. Adler, New York)


Craig Rettmer, Stanton Kessler and Dino Massa at C.R. Sound in Kansas City (Photo: Christopher Burnett)
Craig Rettmer, Stanton Kessler and Dino Massa at C.R. Sound in Kansas City (Photo: Christopher Burnett)

For 2016, Dino had the idea and desire to come back to Kansas City and record with the core group of musicians we had assembled for his 2015 visit.

We both wrote 5 original compositions and arrangements for this project.

We centered this visit primarily around rehearsing and recording the music we had written.

While developing the plan and upon consultation with our technical studio producer, we realized that we had too much music for one project.

As the lead project developer based in Kansas City, I made the decision to focus this recording on Dino’s work (5 compositions), but also include one of my compositions that was written for Dino, along with another composition written for him by Marcus Hampton (a nephew of Locksley “Slide” Hampton and a cousin of Lionel Hampton).

We all felt that taking this direction would serve several constructive purposes, while also bringing focus and synergy to all inherent aspects of the production.

~ Christopher Burnett, EoE Project Lead


  • Dino Massa & Mariarosaria Omero (Italy)
  • Christopher Burnett & Terri Anderson Burnett (USA)
Echoes of Europe 1
“Echoes of Europe” (ARC2680) available worldwide.


dino c r sound 2
Dino Massa warms up before a take during the first session. (Photo: Christopher Burnett)

“Massa is known for performances of both classical music and jazz. Burnett is … a musician whose compositions flow with modern sophistication.” (The Pitch, Kansas City)


dino and flutes c r sound 1
Dino Massa works with the flutes during second session. (Photo: Christopher Burnett)

“His (Massa) music is energetic, expressively melodic, intricate but not overly dense.” (David R. Adler, New York)



“And his (Massa) arrangements give generous room to all the players involved.” (David R. Adler, New York)


“His (Massa) pianism is elegant and forceful, always serving the song.” (David R. Adler, New York)


*Dino Massa recorded this music on a Yamaha C7 grand piano
*Christopher Burnett plays Selmer (Paris) Saxophones
*Terri Anderson Burnett plays Miyazawa Flutes
*Music and Parts were prepared and engraved using Finale notation sofware



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