A big part of producing a recording is the team of creative geniuses who contribute their talents to the project. All of the amazing professional photographs on this website and used within the graphic design layout for the compact disc product are the work of Kansas City based photographer, Duane Hallock. As you see, his […]

Listen online to ANIMAJAZZ No. 749 Thursday, February 16 Podcast

Program Description – listen online The episode No. 749 of “ANIMAJAZZ”, conceived and conducted by Bruno Pollacci , aired on Thursday 16 February at 19.30 Italian time (1:30 pm Kansas City time) on Puntoradio, also streamed over and instantly podcast on will open with the pianist and composer DINO MASSA with his “Kansas City Quintet” […]

EoE REVIEW by Guido Bugatti, Drumset Mag n. 54, Febbraio 2017 (Italy)

//ENGLISH TRANSLATION// DINO MASSA KANSAS CITY QUINTET Echoes of Europe Recording Artist Collective (ARC) Poignant echoes of the Mediterranean set to music by Dino Massa, a pianist and composer from Naples. Massa, recorded his fifth album as a leader in Kansas City, Missouri, with the support of saxophonist Christopher Burnett, label owner, who met Massa […]

REVIEW: Echoes of Europe by Stefano Dentice (Italy)

Italian Citazioni Selezionati La tracklist del CD è formata da sette brani originali scaturiti dall’ingegnosità compositiva di Massa, Hampton e Cristopher Burnett. Il climax mediterraneo di Alone (Dino Massa) è incandescente. L’eloquio di Massa è fluente, incisivo, imperlato da alcune fugaci e stimolanti outside phrases, puntualmente sostenuto dal costrutto ritmico policromatico cesellato dal tandem Stinson-Smith. […]

REVIEW: Echoes of Europe by Raul da Gama (Canada)

SELECTED REVIEW QUOTES The term: “…and just play” – music, of course – might not readily be associated with this disc by Dino Massa and his Kansas City Quintet but it ought to be as it is the spirit which has imbued the entire music on it. The words come at the end of a […]

REVIEW: Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

SELECTED QUOTE “American troops stationed abroad have always managed to interact with the local population(s), imparting and taking away knowledge in the process, and cross-pollination often materializes through such meetings. Those types of exchanges have helped to build bridges, create lifelong friendships, and birth beautiful art. Echoes Of Europe is proof. ” ~ Dan Bilawsky, […]

KCUR REVIEW: On This New Jazz Record, Kansas City And Italy Make Beautiful Music Together

Selected Quotes It’s an exceptionally graceful album that imbues mainstream jazz with the elegant sheen of classical chamber music. Massa is a post-bop pianist who’s clearly familiar with the work of seminal jazz pianists like Bud Powell and Art Tatum. Although his fluid improvisation on the title track is masterful, Massa emphasizes a different aspect […]


Reviews FROM MIDWEST RECORD: DINO MASSA’S KANSAS CITY QUINTET/Echoes of Europe (ARC-2680) – “In which we find smoking contemporary jazz arising out of a chance meeting by players that wouldn’t have run into each other if not for being in the 1990 version of the NATO Jazz Band. Yeah that NATO, the political thing. The […]